Please read below on what to do if you have already started Project GARDEN or would like to participate in the future!

If you have NOT already completed the introduction module “Introduction to Project GARDEN” that says “Start here for Project GARDEN’ with the Project GARDEN introduction video and completed Study #1: “Let’s switch things up!”, please check back later! We may have more Project GARDEN spots open up in the future.

If you are already in Project GARDEN (completed “Introduction to Project GARDEN” and “Let’s switch things up!”), you can continue finishing Project GARDEN studies in order! As you complete studies or watch videos, you will see new studies appear on the page for each child. Each 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-year-old child who is eligible may complete each of the studies once. For families who have more than one eligible child (who has already completed “Introduction to Project GARDEN” and “Let’s switch things up!”), you can do the same studies again, in order, for your additional children (make sure to select those children when entering the study)!

Please email us at project.garden.study@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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