Match the Machines!

Match the Machines!

Early Learning and Cognition Lab (University of California, San Diego)

Who Can Participate

For 6 and 7-year-olds

What Happens

This study will take place on a video call, live with a researcher! Clicking on the “Participate Now!” button will send you to an online calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you. During the call, we will show your child a few short videos of machines, and ask them to match the ones they think are most like each other! We are interested in whether children will match machines based on how they work or based on what they look like!

What We're Studying

In this study, we are interested in how children judge the similarity between objects and events! There are many ways to match complex objects, based on how they look or how they work. We are particularly interested in children’s attention to how things work. Will they consider this when matching items? This will tell us more about how children learn about new objects, and what they pay attention to!


20 min


$3 gift card. We will email you a $3 gift card within a week of participating. You are eligible for the gift card even if your child does not finish, or we can't use the data. Your child just needs to be (1) in the age range for the study, (2) be visible on video during the study, and (3) you need to submit a valid consent form.

This study is conducted by Caren Walker (contact:

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