People, Places, and Things!

People, Places, and Things!

Bayet Lab (American University)

Who Can Participate

For 12-15 month old babies

What Happens

This is a short looking time study. Your baby will see pairs of pictures of common things (ex. faces, animals, bottles) for about 5 seconds each. We will see how long your baby spends looking at each picture.

What We're Studying

The results of this study will be compared to the results of an in-person neuroscience study that uses the same pictures and passively records spontaneous brainwaves. We will compare the results to investigate if the differences between pictures in the brainwave data is similar to the differences we find in looking times.


10 minutes


As a thank you for participating in our study, you'll receive a code for a $5 gift card within a week. You should also note that children can only participate once, and only participants who are eligible for this study (12-15 mo babies) will be compensated. The child participating also needs to be visible during the study.

This study is conducted by Laurie Bayet (contact:

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