Facing A New Discovery!

Facing A New Discovery!

Cognitive Development Lab (Loyola University Chicago)

Who Can Participate

Babies aged 9 months to 12 months, born full-term (38+ weeks) who live in the United States and belong to a racial or ethnic minority group within the U.S.

What Happens

Your baby will see pictures of women’s faces of different races, and we will see how your baby attends to the faces.

What We're Studying

Babies often prefer to look at faces that belong to races that are familiar to them and we are interested to learn more about how babies’ backgrounds affect their attention to faces from their own race and other races. This study benefits from babies participating no matter what their previous familiarity with faces from different races, and the results will increase our understanding of the development of face processing and face preferences in infants.


5 minutes


For your participation, you will be sent a $5 Amazon.com e-gift card after we confirm your consent video and check that your baby meets all eligibility criteria. Each baby can participate one time. Your baby should be clearly visible in the video consent and throughout the trials. You should receive the gift card to the email provided within 1 week of your participation.

This study is conducted by Maggie Guy (contact: mguy5@luc.edu).

Would you like to participate in this study?