How young people value others

How young people value others

Edinburgh Laboratory for Language Development (ELfLanD) (University of Edinburgh)

Who Can Participate

For 11 to 15-year-olds residing in the UK

What Happens

In this survey, your teen/tween will look at some images and stories about different people and animals and make judgments about them. For instance, we will ask how they feel about different people and animals (e.g., “How much do you value a monkey?”) and how much they agree with certain statements about helping others (e.g., “The most important thing is to choose the thing that will help the most people”). We will also ask young people to make judgements about different hypothetical dilemmas (e.g., “Would you choose to save 1 person alive today or 2 people who will be born in 100 years?”) and to tell us about their own hypothetical prosocial behaviours (e.g., “Imagine that you had £10, how much would you want to give away to another child?”).

What We're Studying

We are trying to understand what makes us care a lot about some people and animals and not as much about others. We have a general idea about how adults think about various moral dilemmas and who they tend to value most, but we have less understanding about how children and adolescents think about these same things! We hope that our research will help us better understand who we care about and what keeps us from caring about others.


15 minutes


Once your teen/tween completes the study, we'll send a £5 Amazon gift voucher (redeemable at to the email you provide in the survey within 3 business days! If you haven't received your voucher by then, email us at Please note that we only send payment to those that fit within our age and location criteria (11 to 15-year-olds residing in the UK), and we must be able to confirm that both a guardian and child are present in the video consent.

This study is conducted by Matti Wilks (contact:

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