Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

University of Chicago Cognitive Development Lab (University of Chicago)

Who Can Participate

For 9-11 year-old children who hear English at home and live in the US

What Happens

In this study, your child will play a game that asks them to answer some fraction addition and multiplication problems, plus watch a video about fraction multiplication. Your child will benefit from having a pencil and paper to help them work out their answers.

What We're Studying

This study investigates whether emphasizing the connections of whole number multiplication (like 2 x 3) to fraction multiplication (like 1/2 x 3) makes fraction multiplication easier for children to understand. Previous literature has suggested that emphasizing such a connection could enhance children's understanding of fraction multiplication problems. In this study, we will present your child with a video that explains one of a possible set of approaches that can be used to think about fraction multiplication. Discovering which approach is most beneficial will help inform practical efforts to teach fractions effectively and add to a theoretical understanding of how children think about new concepts that involve numbers. Regardless of which video your child watches, we hope they will learn useful knowledge about fractions.


20-30 minutes


Families will be compensated with a $5 Amazon gift card via email within two weeks following your participation in the study. Compensation will be provided only if (1) a valid parental/guardian consent recording is submitted, (2) a child whose age falls within the listed age range is visible during the study, and (3) only once per child.

This study is conducted by Dr. Susan Levine (contact:

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