RISE Study for SPARK

RISE Study for SPARK

RISE Battery (Duke Health)

Who Can Participate

- Your child has an older sibling with an existing autism diagnosis.
- For babies aged 5 months (5 months 0 days) to 7 months (7 months 30 days) or 11 months (11 months 0 days days) to 13 months (13 months 30 days)
- Born full term (after 37 weeks)
- Living in the United States
- Primary language spoken in the home is English

For this study, it is important that you meet the age requirement and live within the US.

What Happens

In this study, your baby will see a series of videos while we record how they respond. These videos include children playing, geometric figures, objects, and patterns. After the videos, we will ask you to complete some questionnaires within the LookIt platform, and some will be sent to you later.

What We're Studying

We want to understand how babies look at and learn from the patterns in the world around them. This is part of a larger study we are running to understand how typically developing babies might learn about their world in different ways than babies with developmental delays. All babies who meet the eligibility criteria below are encouraged to participate!


80 minutes (20 minutes for the child and 40-60 minutes for the caregiver)


To thank you for your participation, we will email you a $25 amazon gift card within 10 business days of completion of both the video session and all caregiver surveys. One week later, you will be invited to return and complete just the video portion with your child again, and will receive another $25 amazon gift card. Finally, 6 months after you have watched the first videos, we will invite you to complete the parent surveys again, for an additional $25 amazon gift card.

To be eligible for compensation, the following criteria must be met:
(1) your child must be in the age range for this study and must not have previously completed this study.
(2) you need to submit a valid video consent statement.
(3) we need to see that there is a child with you in the study participation video.

This study is conducted by Elena Tenenbaum (contact: elena.tenenbaum@duke.edu).

Would you like to participate in this study?