Which Shape Doesn't Belong?

Which Shape Doesn't Belong?

Project GARDEN (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Who Can Participate

3- to 6-year-old children and their caregivers who are participating in Project GARDEN and are able to understand and answer questions in English. Project GARDEN is not currently recruiting new families. If you’re already in Project GARDEN and you want to see which study your child can do next, visit https://childrenhelpingscience.com/garden, click "Start Now", and select your child's name under "Find studies for..."

What Happens

In this Project GARDEN study, your child will see groups of shapes and will be asked which one shape from each group doesn’t belong with the rest. All the shapes in each group will be different from each other, and so we are interested in which shape your child think stands out as the most different.

What We're Studying

From early on and well before they learn shape names, children can easily tell different shapes apart. This ability is important not only for recognizing objects in daily life, but also as a foundation for formal math learning in school. In this study, we are interested in children’s intuitive sensitivity to the geometry that differentiates among simple shapes so that we may better understand children’s readiness for learning geometry in school.


15 minutes


We will email you a $5 (USD) Amazon gift card (redeemable only at Amazon.com) within approximately one week, after we confirm your consent video, that there is a child in the video, and check that your child is in the age range for this study. Each eligible child will receive only one gift card for participating.

This study is conducted by Dr. Moira Dillon (contact: labdevelopingmind@nyu.edu)

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