Cue the Music! (Chinese)

Cue the Music! (Chinese)

Infant Studies Centre (University of British Columbia)

Who Can Participate

For 10-month-old bilingual babies who are hearing English and Cantonese/ Mandarin (at least 30% English, and 20% Cantonese or Mandarin).

What Happens

For bilingual-learning babies hearing English and Chinese. In this study, your baby will first be enjoying short clips of women singing a tune to them (and hopefully you'll enjoy it as well!) in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. Then, your child will listen to a series of language sounds while looking at rainbow dots.

What We're Studying

During the first year of life, infants are rapidly learning their primary language(s). Previous research has shown that children use different aspects of culture as cues in this process of learning a language, and for the bilingual speaker, in keeping the two languages apart. We are looking to see whether the cultural cue of music will have an effect on the infant’s ability to differentiate between language-specific speech sounds.


25 to 30 minutes


Anyone is welcome to participate, but we can only offer compensation in the form of a $5 e-gift certificate to or for participants residing in the US or Canada. In order to be compensated, your child must be eligible for the study and visible on the webcam during the study. You may only participate once per child.

This study is conducted by Dr. Janet F. Werker (contact:

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