Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls

Language Learning and Multisensory Brain (LLAMB) Lab (Haskins Laboratories, Yale University)

Who Can Participate

for babies ages 8 to 10 months

What Happens

Your child will see two balls bouncing on a screen and hear a gentle impact sound! We’re interested in seeing which of these two balls your child prefers to look at. There’s nothing you have to do other than let these videos play for your child. Please note: for this study, you will need a high chair or stroller for your child to sit in!

What We're Studying

This study examines how babies use what they see and hear to understand the world around them. The question we are investigating is whether babies can tell whether objects and the sounds that they make belong together. This is not a new question. We have investigated this question before but in a controlled lab setting. Now, we are using Lookit to see if this phenomenon still exists in a new and less controlled environment like your home. To answer our research question, we will measure how much time your baby looks at each of the objects on the screen while listening to an occasional sound.


8 minutes

This study is conducted by David Lewkowicz (contact:

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