Visual Vocabulary: A picture matching game!

Visual Vocabulary: A picture matching game!

Project GARDEN (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Who Can Participate

3- to 6-year-old children and their caregivers who are participating in Project GARDEN and are able to understand and answer questions in English. Project GARDEN is not currently recruiting new families. If you’re already in Project GARDEN and you want to see which study your child can do next, visit, click "Start Now", and select your child's name under "Find studies for..."

What Happens

In this Project GARDEN study, your child will meet cartoon aliens on an adventure through space, and will play a game in which they hear a word (e.g., "carrot") and then be asked to point to the picture that goes with the word.

What We're Studying

Current measures of receptive vocabulary are expensive and time-consuming and don't account for when children have partial knowledge of different words. To address these gaps, we're working on developing open-source, improved measures of early vocabulary knowledge in young children that can be used both in research and in practice. Thanks for your participation!


15 minutes


$5 USD gift cards (usable on the U.S. website only). You will be emailed your gift card within 7 business days of participating in the study. To receive compensation, you must 1) provide a valid consent video; 2) your child must be in the age range specified above; and 3) your child must be present during the recorded videos.

This study is conducted by Michael C. Frank (contact:

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